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The Elite Equestrian Magazine found me: An Artist Who Knows Her Horses

Loving Libbie's newsletter...This Week in Tryon Horse Country

Articles from Barbara
Advertising Ideas for Artists and Entrepreneurs (click to read)

Hey Look I've been favored :-)!

Hey Look I'm in the News!
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I was Stumbled on....http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/17eYlT/:1gtAYR4_N:Ix!zwbHp/www.barbararush.com/taogallery.html/

I've been blogged! "This lady had amazing work!" Thanks:-)

Horse Crazy Girls like me!

Art in the News
Art as an investment by Ernest Beck 3.12.08
"David Rockefeller Sr. sure knows how to pick a winner.

In 1960 the banker and art collector bought a painting called "White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)" by abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. The price: around $10,000. Fast forward to May 2007, when the work was sold after a bidding war at Sotheby's -- and an anonymous buyer paid an eye-popping $72.8 million for the brightly colored work.

This fabulous return on investment suggests that buying the right art at the right moment can significantly enhance your net worth." Click here to read more


Art Collecting 101 by Ernest Beck 3.12.08
"Another tactic: Target younger, undiscovered artists who have yet to find fame and fortune. "If an artist has a reputation or connections in the art world, prices go up quickly -- it's all about supply and demand," notes Joe Amrhein, director of the Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, where prices range from $50 to $3,500.

Once you're ready to buy, your first task is to ask yourself a basic question: What art do you like?"
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Chronicle Of The Horse
The Spirit of Equus was featured on the cover of
The Chronicle of the Horse
October 24, 2011.

Sylvia Zerbini and Barbara Rush I Met Sylvia Zerbini (of Cavalia Fame)!
I was so excited to be able to show my art at Shannondale Farms October 21-23 AND meet Sylvia Zerbini! She has her own show now called Grand Liberty :-)
~see a few photos
Left to right: Barbara Rush and Sylvia Zerbini
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