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Creating Art for Horses lovers and Equestrians

I find that many of my customers rode in their youth but have long since put away their boots to raise a family, or pay off their student loans. They still miss riding and want to remember the joy of connecting with their favorite horse so they choose to stay connected with horses through my art. I love that I can provide a beautiful piece of contemporary equine art for their homes and hope that each piece brings them joy every day.

Happy day,

Barbara 8.02.12


Developing Your Artistic Signature

Right now I'm in the middle of developing a class for artist's to help them create a unique way of signing their names on their art work. Something that resontaes with their art and captures their personalities. It's really fun doing all the research. I happen to run across this...

List of highest prices paid at auctions or private sales (inflation adjusted)

Very interesting!

Happy day,

Barbara 7.10.12



Oh No It's a Blog!

So what do artists really think about? Well lately I am trying not to be torn in too many directions. You see I co-own a co-op gallery and need to make sure I take care of my business in addition to looking out for new opportunities to advertise and market my gallery:-)

One thing I think people don't realize is what it actually takes to be an artist. People can be quite naive when I meet them at art festivals. Many will say too me..."It must be really nice to just be an artist." That's when I just smile and say, "oh yes, and do nothing but paint all day!" (why burst their bubble) LOL!

If people only realized that my art is a business therefore I have to:

pay bills (rent, utilities, taxes etc)
print and drop ship special orders
look for multiple ways to sell my art
market and advertise my art
stay about 6 months to a year ahead of the show schedule
apply for art festivals by the deadlines
keep my web site up to date
create marketing materials
paint and be as creative as possible
photograph my art
catalog my art
inventory my art for shows
drive sometimes 10 hours to a show
set-up my tent (a 2 to 3 hour task)
take down my tent (1 to 2 hours)
hang my art back in my gallery
hope it doesn't rain or other on show days

It is a lot of work to "just be an artist" it is so much work that you can only continue if you really love your art and want to share it with the world :-)


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